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Welcome to the long awaited spherical successor Garfelf's Guide To A Great Lasagna, Garfelf's Guide And The Secrets Within. This Is the more horror based squeal to Garfelf's Guide witch adds a hole lot more story to the first mod i made for Baldi's Basics. In This game you play the role of a character named Jordan who is back in the Garfelf School house to avenge his friend who was unfortunately assassinated at the corrupted hands of Johnny Old Boy by Stealing all of the Lasagna's and burning them in the forest to free all of the soles trapped there at the hands of Johnny Old Boy. As you progress further and further Johnny Old Boy gets angry, And tries hunts you down and keep your sole in the now abandoned Garfelf School House for all of eternity. You must fight your way through the journey and all of the other soles endlessly roaming the hall in endless pain and agonie. They will try to stop you from escaping this unforgiving hell hole while Johnny Old Boy tries to hunt you down. Do you have what it takes to escape the abandoned School House to save your friends sole, Because all i half to say now is good luck.

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This Wiki Is Based Off An Amazing Mod From Baldi Basics Called Garfields Guide And The Secrets Within But Ill Need Alot Of Help In This Wiki

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